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About The Building

Designed to provide open and collaborative workspaces, EY Tower features 28,000 square foot floorplates on the five-story podium and a 23,500 square foot typical floorplate. At the ground level, the building will retain the historic “Concourse Building” fa├žade including the mosaics designed by Group of Seven artist J.E.H. MacDonald, while a modern new entrance and public space will serve to bridge the old with the new. The building will feature stunning floor-to-ceiling windows and 9'6" ceiling heights that will showcase 360-degree views of Toronto's downtown city sights.

EY Tower Fulfills 5 Key Drivers

  1. Real Estate Optimization

    Create more “we” space than “me” space with collaborative, open concepts that offer more workspace in a smaller footprint.

  2. Enhanced Productivity

    Enable increases in productivity with environments that help drive collaboration and improve output through thoughtful layouts and functional use of space.

  3. Attract, Develop & Engage

    Combine technology, aesthetics and sustainability to create a workplace your employees want to come to work in and remain actively engaged in while there.

  4. Brand & Culture

    Ensure your brand is reflected in everything you do, especially where you choose to work. Your employees, partners and customers first impression begins the minute they step into the lobby at EY Tower and we will ensure you put your best foot forward.

  5. Wellbeing At Work

    Uphold higher standards in sustainability and create an optimal space with fresh air, bright natural light, and open space. Can your employees leave work healthier than when they arrived in the morning? At EY Tower, we believe so.

“90% of knowledge workers agree that the workplace environment affects their productivity.”

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